About Us

Board Members

Yukari SembaRepresentative Director and Co-founder
Ph.D. (Human Sciences) / In charge of administration and fundraising
Naoaki KujiDirector and Co-founder
Medical Doctor (obstetrician and gynecologist) / in charge of DNA marker link test determination
Sachiko IshizukaDirector and Co-founder
DI-conceived Person / Public Relations / Secretariat
Tetsuo SembaAuditor-secretary
Ph.D. / Web site and Registrant Data Management
Mari SaimuraCo-founder
Social Worker / Social Work Officer
Kazuko Mori
Ph.D. (Psychology), Clinical Developmental Psychologist / Social Work
Azumi Tsuge
Ph.D. / In charge of policy proposals and social enlightenment
Hiroki Kurahashi
Medical Doctor (pediatrician/clinical geneticist) / in charge of DNA marker link test determination
Kikuyo Aoki
Ph.D. (Psychology), Clinical Psychologist, Certified Psychologist / Psychological Counseling

Legal Advisors

Ko Hirahara
Attorney-at-law / Kencho-dori Legal Office
Ryo Takahashi
Attorney-at-law / Ryo Takahashi Legal Office

DNA Marker Link Test


OVUS Co., Ltd.


Supporting Individuals and Organizations

Overview of Donor Link Japan

Name of Organization
Donor Link Japan, Non-profit Organization
December 9, 2022
Registration number
1-36-2 Morino, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0022 Japan
Bank account
Bank name
GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd.
Bank code number
Branch code number
Account number
Savings 1489547
Account name
Donor Link Japan
DLJ 一般社団法人 ドナーリンク・ジャパン

The logo of Donor Link Japan combines the initials "D", "L", and "J" into a single entity., The logo expresses our goals of linking people and helping donor-conceived individuals discover their birth origins.

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