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In Japan, more than 20,000 people are born by donor insemination. However, they cannot access to the information on their donor or donor siblings.
You can help.

(Q1) What is Donor Link Japan?

(A1) Donor Link Japan supports connecting donor-conceived individuals with sperm and egg donors, as well as facilitating connections among individuals born from the same donor.

(Q2) Why does Donor Link Japan need support?

(A2) We have had to ask individuals applying for these necessary services to bear the actual costs of DNA testing and counseling. However, we are concerned that the possibility of a significant financial burden may deter some people from registering. If we don't get enough people to register, it decreases the likelihood of finding potential beneficiaries through Donor Link. Therefore, we would like to alleviate the burden on the parties by covering a portion of the expenses ourselves. In the future, as our financial situation allows, we plan to further reduce the burden on the individuals involved.

(Q3) Why isn't the government doing it?

(A3) Ideally, issues concerning personal information, human rights, and welfare like this should involve the participation of public agencies. However, at present, there are no public agencies willing to support our activities, and as a result, we find ourselves in a situation where we and the parties involved must bear all the costs.

(Q4) What else is Donor Link Japan doing?

(A4) Our activities extend beyond simply conducting DNA testing to find donor links. We also provide counseling to the individuals involved, and we offer courses to train counselors in this field. In a recent 4-part series of courses, we had approximately 25 participants in each session. To conduct these courses, we invited experts from overseas and also utilized Japanese language interpreters. The participants received positive feedback, and we intend to continue offering these courses in the future. We also held an online dialogue event between four donor-conceived women and a donor, and nearly 100 people watched it. We hope that many people in Japan will continue to learn about the issues regarding donor conception and donor anonymity through these events.

As we aim to provide a space where individuals in similar situations can connect and interact with each other. To achieve these goals, we need your support.

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If you are interested in our activities and would like to learn more or offer your support, please feel free to send us an email through the contact button below.