Webinar event “Meeting a sperm donor from New Zealand and the woman born from his donation.” on Mar. 13th, 2024

On March 13th, DonorLink Japan will be hosting an online discussion with a sperm donor from New Zealand and the woman born from his donation, with Japanese-English consecutive interpretation.

Date and time: March 13, 2024 (Wednesday) 11:00-13:00 Japan time

Speakers: Steve, Siobhan, Sachiko, and Yukari

In 1949, Japan’s first child was born through artificial insemination (AID) using donated sperm. Since then, for more than 70 years, this medical care has been practiced on the principle that donors remain anonymous. Therefore, in Japan, people born through sperm donation cannot know their donor. However, since the early 2000s, some of these people have started wanting to know who will hold half of their genetic roots for various reasons.
At Donor Link Japan, we also carry out Donor Link activities that connect those born through sperm donation who would like to know their donor and those who have experience with sperm donation and are willing to disclose their information. . However, there are no matching examples yet.
In other countries, some people who were born through sperm donation wish to meet their donor, and the donor understands their wishes, and they communicate with each other and build new relationships.
This is the kind of relationship that has been built between the man who has experience donating sperm in New Zealand and the woman who was born through his donation, who will be speaking online for Donor Link Japan this time.
In this event, we asked these two what they thought when they learned of each other’s existence, and how their feelings changed before they made contact and after they actually met. I would like to hear what their family says to their husband and daughter about the fact that they have a genetic family separate from their own.

The fee of this event is 3000 yen, but it will be waived for the member of the Donor Link Japan or for those who support us through the crowdfunding.

Please apply from the URL below. (Please email to if you are unable to apply from this site)

Those who cannot attend online will be able to view the archive of the webinar within two weeks after the event.

We hope that this event will serve as an opportunity for many people to think about anonymous donor donation.